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7 Rainy Day Dog Enrichment Ideas

It’s raining, it’s pouring… sitting on the sofa all day is boring! 

When the weather is miserable, it can be hard to find the motivation to think up fun and rewarding activities to enjoy with your dog. 

But sit tight, because we’re about to help you up your game with easy, effective rainy day canine enrichment ideas that your dog is going to LOVE…

1. Teach your dog a new trick

From ‘high five’ to ‘sitting pretty’, use your time indoors to add a new trick to your repertoire. A clicker and some particularly yummy training treats are your best friends when teaching tricks (get both - and a free guide - in our Trick Training bundle), along with patience and plenty of encouragement. 

2. Choose a Dog Brain Game card

Try these awesome Brain Games For Dogs Activity Cards. They are the perfect way to keep things fresh and ensure you never run out of enrichment ideas on a rainy day.

The cards are split into five categories - Calm, Puzzle, Focus, Play and Bond. Each card describes a mentally stimulating game you can play together. They are especially well suited for intelligent dogs that get bored easily and for bringing a sense of calm to high energy dogs or those have a tendency to engage in destructive behaviour.

3. Play hide and seek

Practice your ‘stay’ command by playing hide and seek with your dog. They stay put, you hide with their favourite tug toy (as their reward at the end) and then call their name. Hours of fun! If you have a spare pair of hands, one person can stay with your dog while you hide somewhere more tricky - and they can find you together. 

4. Make dinner time more interesting

There are benefits to ditching the bowl for some mealtimes, but if you’re not quite there yet then try replacing some meals or snacks on a rainy day with food placed in interactive feeders.

The other guaranteed way to keep your dog busy and mix up mealtimes is to stuff a Kong with dog-safe peanut butter or chicken. Freezing it after filling will help it last even longer. 

5. Work on scent skills and noise reactivity

The Clam is one of our most versatile toys. Although we initially designed as a way to reward your dog from a distance in agility, it also works fantastically well as a tool for enrichment. 


Hide sprats or other smelly treats inside The Clam (don’t worry - it can go on a cool cycle in the wash afterwards!). Then hide it somewhere within the house and encourage your dog to find it. According to experts, sniffing for 20 minutes is equivalent to an hour’s walk. 

You can also work on noise reactivity by hiding The Clam in a cardboard ‘fort’ filled with scrunched up newspaper and the crinkly bags that cereal comes in for your dog to find. One of our lovely customers, Lisa, has filmed some inspiring examples of her spaniels doing exactly this.  



6. Give your dog a good groom

It’s something we should all be doing whatever the weather, but a rainy day is a good opportunity to give your dog a thorough groom.  

7. Indulge your dog with a massage

Dog massage has been proven to have benefits for you and your dog. There are the obvious physical and relaxation benefits, but it’s also a lovely way to spend quality time together and helps improve your bond.

Plus, regular massage can help you keep track of your dog’s health as you get to know your their body so that you can quickly spot any unusual lumps or bumps. 

We do recommend getting some specialist advice on massage techniques from a dog massage therapist or your vet before you try this one. 



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