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The Best Toys For Spaniels - 3 top toy picks

Do you find yourself constantly looking for ways to keep your spaniel stimulated, entertained and happy? 

We’ve got you!

At Tug-E-Nuff, we hand-make motivational dog training toys in our Devon workshop that are backed up by thousands of five star reviews and guaranteed to set tails wagging. 

spaniel holding sheepskin tug toy

We believe interactive play with your spaniel is the secret to boosting your bond, keeping them stimulated and active, and getting better results with your training. 

So we’ve handpicked three of our best training toys for spaniels - including Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

Your search for the perfect training toys is over!

The best toys for spaniels

1. Sheepskin Chaser

Because spaniels were traditionally bred to be used as gun dogs, they have an instinctive and powerful urge to chase. 

We know from our experience as professional dog trainers that it’s much better to work with this instinct, than to try and stop it. 


spaniel tugging on sheepskin dog toy


With a Sheepskin Chaser in your toolkit, you can harness your spaniel’s chase instinct and turn it into a powerful tool for training success. 

This chaser tug toy is made with real, responsibly-sourced sheepskin with a scent and texture your spaniel will find irresistible. Use the long handle to drag it along the floor and watch them focus like never before!

2. Crazy Thing Fleece Tug

Finally, a tug toy that’s as crazy as your spaniel (in the best possible way, of course)! 

Spaniels love our Crazy Thing Fleece Tug because, as well as a bungee handle that makes playing tug fun and comfortable, it’s made with soft, colourful strips of fleece that cleverly mimic the feathers of a bird. And we all know how much spaniels love to chase birds!

spaniel tugging on brightly coloured fleece tug toy

 Your spaniel will work hard for the reward of grabbing on to the fleece and getting to shake and tug to their heart’s content!

Like with all Tug-E-Nuff toys, you can buy the Crazy Thing Bungee Tug with confidence thanks to our 45 day Tug It + Love It guarantee.

3. Pocket Magnet

What’s your spaniel’s recall like? Bulletproof or a bit iffy? 

If you’re leaning towards iffy, you need the Pocket Magnet in your life. 

This is one of our most powerful aids for teaching recall. It’s made with real, fluffy sheepskin and a short bungee handle, that makes it perfect for popping in your pocket for walks. 

Spaniel looking at sheepskin tug toy pocket-sized

Simply reveal it when you need to eradicate distractions (yes, even squirrels) and guarantee your spaniel only has eyes (and ears) for you.

How to calm your spaniel down

Once you've both had your tugging fill, perhaps you'd like some help calming your Spaniel down? Sniffing and tracking scents is a much-loved Spaniel activity, only we'd rather they weren't running off after whatever's caught their fancy!

Harness the power of your Spaniels nose with some fun scentwork games that are easy to play. 

Need help? 

Not sure which Tug-E-Nuff toy is right for your dog? Check out our bestselling dog toys or take our play pawsonality quiz to find your perfect fit toy!

play personality dog quiz

Or get in touch with our friendly (and dog-mad) team of training experts can help. We’re always delighted to troubleshoot training issues and offer personalised toy recommendations. Just get in touch.


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