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The best agility toys for dogs

Dog training toys can help you to improve your performance in the agility ring. Successful agility runs rely on focus, motivation and epic self-control, and what better way to achieve these skills than through the power of play?

Playing tug before you enter the ring is a brilliant way to get your dog fired up and raring to go. And our chaser toys are incredibly effective at helping boost your dog’s drive and speed which can be transferred to the course when you enter competitions.

Read on to discover the best agility toys for building desire, drive and motivation in your training. 

Top Agility Toy Pick For Ball-Motivated Dogs

The sheepskin bungee chaser with tennis ball is the ultimate agility toy for ball-motivated dogs! With a strong and springy bungee and an easy grip handle, you’ll be all set to get your dog’s undivided attention as you train! 

The scent of the sheepskin can really help to power up your dog’s play drive, resulting in more focus and impressive motivation!

Top Agility Toy Pick For Agility Training Runs

If you want a toy that's captivating but small enough to run your practice runs without getting in the way, the rabbit skin pocket squeaker is ideal!

The Pocket PowerBall Fauxtastic is equally as enticing as our longer chaser toys but compact enough to take with you on the move and put away when you need to. 

Top Agility Toy Pick For Food Motivated Dogs

Agility toys are popular as they boost your dog’s motivation for action! If you have a food-motivated dog, then our Clam can help you use your dog’s preferences to your advantage!  

Our Clam taps into your dog’s foody instincts and encourages their drive to chase and engage with toys. It’s a brilliant tug toy for dogs who are ruled by their tummies!


The best all-rounder award goes to our real fur chaser toys

Tap into your dog’s natural prey drive with our most popular chaser toy, the sheepskin chaser


“Sandy’s biggest struggle when training is drive. Since she’s a very low-drive dog. She’s never really had enough speed in competitions to be really successful. When using the Sheepskin Chaser, I can tell her interest and effort in running have improved significantly!”


Lily - agility enthusiast

The real fur is a gamechanger for many dogs. Using real animal scent and texture is sure to get your dog’s desire to work fired up, so you can channel that boundless energy in your agility runs.  


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