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3 Best Toys For English Bulldogs: Our Top Picks

Does your English Bulldog struggle with fears or a lack of confidence? Is training your bulldog sometimes a struggle? Do you ever wish you had a fun outlet for all your English Bulldog’s energy!? 

Bully breeds like English Bulldogs (including English Bulldog cross breeds) need stimulating, interactive play every day to keep their minds and bodies active and happy - and to stop problems setting in. 

Playing tug with your English Bulldog using a motivational training toy is a fantastic way to…

  • Turbocharge your training (your Tug-E-Nuff toy will become a super high value reward that your bulldog will focus on and work hard for) 
  • Boost your bond (A whopping 80% of dog owners say they play with a Tug-E-Nuff toy to improve the bond with their dog)
  • Satisfy your English Bulldog’s instinctive urges (tapping into their prey drive using play is a powerful way to positively channel your English Bulldog’s energy)

And that’s just for starters…

But what are the best interactive toys for English Bulldogs? Here are our top three picks.

Faux Fur Ball Tuggy with Bungee Handle

You don’t need us to tell you that your English Bulldog is super smart. That’s why they need a boredom-busting tug toy that also stands the test of time. The Faux Fur Powerball Tuggy is the one. 

It boasts a super-soft faux fur bite area that is tried and tested on the strongest and most enthusiastic tuggers. Plus, there’s a non-toxic rubber ball built in so you can also throw this tuggy to play fetch. Oh, and the easy-grip handle is made from climbing-grade webbing with two strands of bungee cord for safe and comfortable play.

Whether your English Bulldog is new to tug or an experienced tugging pro, this toy is guaranteed to help you enjoy endless hours of rewarding play. 

Pocket Magnet

How solid is your English Bulldog’s recall!? Would you like it to be better? Then the Pocket Magnet is your new best friend. 

It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket and come with you everywhere, ready to be used as an on-the-spot reward for good behaviour. But the reason we love it most is because it’s a recall wonder toy. There’s something about the generous real fur bite area (made with fluffy, responsibly-sourced British sheepskin) that eliminates distractions and makes sure English Bulldogs come running every time they are called. 

Plus, there’s a short-but-stretchy bungee handle that features our signature webbing, with flecks of blue (the colour dogs see best) so that your English Bulldog will always be able to keep its eyes on the prize - even from a distance! 

Bungee Handled Fleece Tug

Over the last decade or so, we’ve helped thousands of English Bulldog owners just like you discover the Tug-E-Nuff toy that’s perfect for them and their dog. One toy that is always a surefire hit with bulldogs is our Bungee Handled Fleece Tug.

This is a longer-than-average tuggy that’s made with three durable strands of colourful fleece which are hand-plaited by our team in our Devon workshop. It forms a soft, enticing bite area that is extremely durable, too. Strong English Bulldog mouths, no problem! 

This toy also features a cushioned bungee handle which acts as a shock absorber during play - and if you’ve ever played tug with an English Bulldog, you’ll know how important this is!  

Buy with confidence

All our toys are designed by our family of professional trainers and hand-finished by experts in our Devon workshop. They’re also backed by more than 5,000 verified five star reviews and, when used for supervised, interactive play only, our tuggies can last years.

It’s important to us that our customers are completely happy, so we are proud to offer a 45 day Tug It + Love It Guarantee and free UK returns. 

Three magic words: supervised, interactive fun. 

All Tug-E-Nuff toys should only be used for supervised, interactive play. They aren’t chew toys and you should never let your English Bulldog play with them unattended. 


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