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Meet The Best Tried and Tested Toys for Strong Dogs

One of the questions we get asked most from our lovely community, is which toys to choose for strong dogs. If you’ve ever struggled with your dog destroying their toys or from a shock to your shoulders as your dog gets carried away, this is for you!

The best tug toys for strong dogs rely on durability, strength and a nice springy bungee to absorb the shock, so you and your dog can play happily together, pain-free.

Read on for our top toy picks for strong dogs, and let’s find you and your dog your perfect match.  

Top toy picks for Staffies

Staffies were bred for gameness, strength and determination. They often love a good game of tug, but you may also find that they like to tear and shred their toys. 

toys for strong dogs

Our tug toys are designed to be played with together. Even a short game of tug is a brilliant way to increase your bond and help your Staffie burn off some energy. 

When you don’t have time to play, or your dog really wants to get stuck in and have a shredding session - grab a cardboard box and a handful of treats and set them free to unleash their inner instincts! Save your Tug-E-Nuff tug toys for mutual interactive play! 

Learn more about our top toy picks for Staffies here.

Top toy picks for German Shepherds

German Shepherds were bred to be on the alert, guard and herd. This makes them a breed with a high prey drive who can find it hard to switch off from things going on around them. 

Choose a toy that captivates and motivates to inspire your GSD to pay attention to you, play, and switch off from the distractions around them. 

These toys are a great choice for herding breeds and dogs with a naturally high prey drive.

Learn more about our top toy picks for German Shepherds here.

Top toy picks for Boxers

Boxers have a wonderful sense of humour, endless energy and love a good game with their humans. They were originally bred to hunt, which might explain their high prey drive, and you might have difficulties getting them to come back when called. 

Our Fauxtastic Powerball Bungee is an excellent choice for Boxers. It’s perfect for playing fetch and tug and has a super-strong bungee handle made from climbing grade webbing.  

Learn more about our top toy picks for Boxers here.

Best all-rounder toys for strong dogs

We know you need a strong dog toy that is durable and long-lasting, that will keep you safe from the impact of strong, jerky tugs! Our extensive range of bungee tug toys are designed to meet the needs and desires of both you and your dog. 

Take a peek at our favourite bungee tug toys

Choosing the right toy for your breed

Your dog’s natural instincts are strongly linked to what they were bred to do. Tapping into this will help you choose a toy that’s not just perfect for your strong dog, but that gives them an incredible outlet to unleash their natural urges safely. 

Find all of our top toy picks by breed here.

Tap into your dog’s natural instincts and choose the right toy to match!

Play boosts your bond, burns energy and is a great way to train your dog. Take the play pawsonality quiz and reveal your dog’s personalised play plan for free. Unleash your dog’s favourite way to play today. 

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