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Sheepskin Toys

Motivate your dog like never before with our range of best-selling Sheepskin tuggies. Responsibly and locally sourced from farms near our Devon workshop. 

✔ Featuring the irresistible scent and texture of real, responsibly-sourced British sheepskin that’s hand-cut from the whole hide by our talented in-house machinists.

✔ Proven to turbocharge play drive in all breeds, making training easier, more rewarding and more fun

  • Sheepskin Bungee Chaser


    We’ve taken the classic design of one of our most popular ever toys - the Sheepskin Chaser - and made it even better!  Especially awesome for intro...

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  • Sheepskin Chaser Tug


    The stimulating dog toy, your dog will love to chase Get your dog’s undivided attention with our best-selling chaser toy, designed for unbeatable...

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  • Wondabaa PowerBall Bungee


    If your dog is motivated as much by fetching as they are by tugging, this real fur bungee is a absolute winner. Just as tough as our original Shee...

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  • WondaBaa Sheepskin Bungee Tug


    --> Description Experience the Power of Play with our WondaBaa Bungee. It’s the motivational training tuggy that ticks every box for every bre...

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