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Best Small Dog Toys

Discover the small dog toys that are driving littluns wild! These tuggies feature long handles to save your back and are perfectly sized for little jaws!

✔ Lovely long handles makes it perfect for small and big dogs alike (no bending required!)

✔ Designed with smaller mouths and shorter legs in mind to unleash hours of happy (and comfy) play

  • Pocket Fauxtastic Tug


    Description Show your pooch they aren’t just a good dog – they’re the best dog, with our Pocket Fauxtastic.  Created as a faux fur (synthetic) a...

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  • Pocket PowerBall Bungee Tug


    Tough natural rubber dog ball for 3-in-1 fun! Meet the tough dog ball toy that’s light enough to throw and strong enough to tug! Your ball obsessed...

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  • Rabbit Skin Squeaky Bungee Chaser


    Description This chaser toy entices your dog to play with an irresistible combination of real fur and a squeaker! Ideal if you have a dog who n...

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  • Faux Fur Bungee Chaser Tug


      Description Let your dog experience the thrill of the chase! If you’d like to introduce your dog to chasing and tug games, this tuggy is a mus...

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