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Lesson 1: Why Play Tug?

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It boosts training

Tug can be used as a form of positive reinforcement to help shape a responsive and happy companion. In fact, in our Play Survey of nearly 3,000 dog owners, 70 per cent of owners said that regular play with a Tug-E-Nuff toy has successfully helped them tackle their biggest training challenges (including recall).

It’s enriching

Play is a great form of physical and mental stimulation and an enjoyable way to enrich your dog’s day.

It’s an outlet for natural behaviours

Dogs, although domesticated, are still animals and will have lots of natural urges. That’s why they find chasing and using their mouths very reinforcing. Interactive play can offer a safe and controlled outlet for this natural behaviour - and no, just in case you were wondering, playing tug doesn't encourage dogs to chase wildlife - it's actually proven to have the opposite effect.

It builds bond

Tug is an interactive game that’s fun for both parties - which is why it’s so great for boosting bond. In our most recent play survey, 80% of owners said that playing tug had a positive impact on their bond with their dog. That’s great news because a strong bond is the foundation of successful training and a happy life together. 

  • WondaBaa Sheepskin Bungee Tug


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