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Why This ONE Toy Is Your Secret Weapon For Boosting Motivation

Here’s the truth: the more motivated your dog is by the tug toy you use for training, the better results you’ll get.

But here’s the tricky part: finding that magical tug toy that gets your dog instantly fired up and motivated, ready for learning through play. 

At least, until now. 

Because if you need a next-level motivational dog toy, you’ve clicked your way to the right place. 

Say hello to the WondaBunny Bungee.

It’s one of the newer kids on the Tug-E-Nuff block, so we wanted to take the chance to share three reasons you should grab one as your dog’s next motivational training toy…

A bite area like no other

The WondaBunny has a generous, supersoft bite area that’s made with care in our Devon workshop using responsibly-sourced real rabbit skin (all the rabbit skin we use is actually a byproduct of the meat industry, and would otherwise get thrown away). 

Why’s the bite area such a big deal? Because the rabbit skin we use has a unique scent and texture that your dog will find completely irresistible.

As with all our tug toys, it’s important to keep the WondaBunny for supervised, interactive play only. This won’t just ensure it stays in great condition, but it will boost the motivational power of the toy even further as your dog will quickly learn it’s a super high value reward - and be willing to work even harder for the chance to play with it! 

A signature bungee handle

One of the reasons the WondaBunny takes the top spot with hundreds of dog owners as a motivational training aid is thanks to its padded handle with two strands of super-stretchy bungee shock cord built in for the perfect ‘tug factor’. 

The handle also features our signature webbing - available in a range of bright, exciting colours - which is tried-and-tested for durability. This means you can be confident it will withstand endless tugging from even the most enthusiastic of pooches. 

Our favourite thing about our signature bungee handle on the WondaBunny is that it protects your dog’s neck from any jarring during play - and also your shoulder too. So you and your dog can let your hair down and get stuck into play without any worries!

Perfect for every area of your training

The WondaBunny isn’t just one of the most motivational, durable training toys money can buy. It’s also extremely versatile. 

That means whatever area of your training is your priority right now - whether it’s nailing your recall, teaching a new trick, speeding up on the agility course - or just enjoying more rewarding playtime - the WondaBunny is going to prove to be an essential tool for smashing your goals. 

Note: Worried that playing with a rabbit skin toy might encourage your dog to chase rabbits? Don’t worry - that’s a common misconception. Actually, the WondaBunny is likely to have the opposite impact, instead giving your dog a safe, fun outlet to satisfy their natural instincts.

Find out more about why our real fur toys, including the WondaBunny, won’t cause your dog to chase wildlife here


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