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What Are The Best Toys For Dogs That Like To Chew?

We often get asked if we make an indestructible chew toy for dogs.

And it’s a fair question. We know lots of dogs simply love to chew and will spend all day chomping away at anything they can get their paws on.

But no matter how much you adore your dog, it can be testing when they munch their way through shoes, furniture and other expensive (and non-edible) possessions.

Lots of owners want an indestructible toy that they can leave their dog with and easily fix the problem. Sadly, it’s not that simple.

We’re pretty clever when it comes to making toys dogs love, but making a safe but indestructible chew toy is virtually impossible (and even if we could, we don’t believe it would be in the best interests of the dog).

Instead, we take a different approach to combatting inappropriate chewing.

But first, it’s important to understand why dogs chew.

  • Chewing is a normal and instinctive behaviour for dogs. In the wild, they would spend hours gnawing at bones – and this urge has stayed with them (although it’s stronger in some breeds than others). 
  • Chewing is good! The action used to chew keeps jaws strong and their teeth clean. 
  • Sometimes dogs chew just because it’s fun. But other times, they do it out of boredom or frustration.

To successfully tackle chewing, it’s important to tackle this frustration and boredom, while satisfying your dog’s urge to bite and use their jaws. 

And that’s where our range of Tug toys come in.

We’ve created a range of tuggies that are designed to be used interactively to stimulate and help train your dog.

Lots of our tug toys are made with real sheepskin or rabbit fur which are particularly loved by dogs with a strong hunting urge who enjoy sinking their teeth into the fur and playing tug. We also offer toys with faux fur, which are also suitable for enthusiastic tuggers.

We also make tuggies with long handles, short handles, squeakers, balls and food bags – so there’s always a favourite to be found for any dog.

Short but intense play sessions throughout the day with a well-designed, durable tug toy can go a really long way to combatting the issues which lead to inappropriate chewing. 

Our toys also double up as highly motivational training toys, so they can be used interactively to teach everything from basic commands to more advanced behaviours.

As our in-house play expert, Chelsea, says: ‘Inappropriate chewing is a tricky problem for lots of dog owners, particularly in younger, more excitable dogs or rescue pups.

‘We believe in the power of positive reinforcement and learning through having fun with the help of cleverly-designed training toys.

‘Taking an interactive, play-centred approach can work wonders in dealing with unwanted chewing behaviours, while giving you and your dog the opportunity to bond and have some quality time together.’ 

Shop our full range of tug toys at

What’s your best tip for helping dogs who love to chew? We’d love to know about it in the comments. And if you’re shopping for a new dog toy, here’s another handy Training Spotlight piece on five things you should ask yourself first.

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