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Meet Halo, our newest member of the Tug-E-Nuff team 🧡

As you’ll know, we’re a dog mad bunch here at Tug-E-Nuff, with more than 15 dogs in our family. 

We recently added one more - and we wanted to introduce you properly...

Meet 13-week-old Belgian Shepherd, Halo.

Halo belongs to Teresa on the Tug-E-Nuff team, so we asked her to share her thoughts on why now was the right time for a new pup, what her hopes are for Halo - and her top puppy tips. 

Here’s what she had to say... 

Why was now the right time for a new pup? 

‘I’m not sure that there ever is a right time but I strongly believe if you’re able to commit the time to a puppy and it’s something you are passionate about then you should go with your gut feeling. That’s what I did with Halo!’

Your other dogs have always been collies - what made you choose a Belgian Shepherd this time? 

‘A few years ago, I fell in love with a Belgian Shepherd puppy that belonged to a friend - and ever since then I wanted one of my own!’

How did you find a good breeder - and how did you choose from the litter? 

‘The breeder was recommended by a friend. She helped me choose the right puppy based on my intentions and what I’m like as a person, and by considering how that fitted with the personalities of the puppies.’

Tell us a bit about Halo! What's her temperament like? 

‘She’s very sweet! At the moment her favourite thing is to follow us around. She will watch and analyse things and then will be brave and investigate. Sometimes this involves me having to retrieve her places she shouldn’t be!’

How has she settled in? How's her training going?

‘The first couple of days she was a bit bewildered but since then she’s been settling in really well.  At the moment, training has mostly been about building her confidence and showing her what the world is about! She’s been excellent with toilet training, no accidents in the house and she doesn’t ask to go out in the night.’

What are your plans for Halo? Will she do agility? 

‘I hope to do agility with Halo, it’s a great way to have fun with her and build our bond.  But, more than anything, she is a pet and we will enjoy walks and simply letting her be a dog.’

What are your favourite parts of having a new puppy? 

‘I love the training! I love how quickly they learn - and equally what they teach me too. I love watching them grow and seeing their character evolve.’

What are the bits you find most challenging!?

‘I’d have to say when I’m tired and ready for bed and Halo decides it’s time to play and have zoomies! But, really, it’s all part of the joy of the puppy days.’

What's your top bit of advice for anyone considering a new puppy?

‘Ask yourself if you have the time to dedicate possibly the next 15 years or so to your dog. Do your research into your chosen breed to make sure the breed is right for you. Don’t go for a breed just because it’s cute!  Find a good breeder. Recommendations from people you trust are always a really good way to do this. 

‘And if you have a new puppy, enjoy it - it goes by so fast!’

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