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Best 5 Toys to Increase Motivation

Whether it's teaching recall, training for a sport or mastering obedience, if you’d like to successfully train your dog, you must be able to motivate them. 

Highly-motivated dogs are eager and ready to learn, which makes training easier, quicker and more enjoyable. 

So what’s the secret to motivating your dog?

It’s all about finding the right interactive training toy that you can use as the ultimate high value reward - one that your dog will be ready and willing to work hard for any time, any place. 

Luckily, you’re in the right place. 

Here’s a run down of the five best toys for increasing motivation in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds... 

Sheepskin Chaser

The Sheepskin Chaser is consistently one of our top-sellers - and for good reason...

With a long, cushioned handle, it’s ideal for tempting reluctant dogs to engage in chase-based play. And if your dog sometimes struggles with confidence, this Chaser is perfect because it allows you to engage in interactive play - but from a distance. 

We can’t mention the Sheepskin Chaser Tug without mentioning its irresistible bite area. Made with responsibly-sourced British sheepskin, it’s soft and durable. Plus, its unique scent and texture will help you tap into your dog’s prey drive and turn it to your advantage. 


The Sheepskin Chaser is perfect for you if... 

✔️ your dog has a strong chase drive

✔️ your dog is sometimes reluctant to play or struggles with confidence

✔️ you want a durable tug toy that is great for boosting recall as well as motivation

Crazy Thing Bungee

The Crazy Thing is true to its name - famous in dog training circles for firing dogs up and helping them go crazy for play!

It’s all thanks to its clever design that’s based on years of our experience as professional trainers. The Crazy Thing is made with soft, colourful strips of fleece that mimic the feathers of a bird as they move.

This will instantly captivate the attention of your dog so that you can channel their focus into your chosen training area. 

The Crazy Thing is perfect for you if...

✔️ your dog likes to grab and shake its tug toys

✔️ your dog prefers a softer bite area

✔️ you want a super durable, motivational tug toy in an exciting colourway

Pocket Magnet 

If you’d like a highly effective motivational dog training aid that is easy to take with you wherever you go, the Pocket Magnet is it. 

It’s got a compact and durable bungee handle, made with two strands of stretchy bungee cord, so that you can safely get stuck into playing tug. And then there’s the bite area. Made in our Devon workshop using responsibly-sourced, local sheepskin, it offers your dog a satisfying and enticing focal point. 

With the Pocket Magnet on your side, you’ll find it easier than ever before to eradicate distractions on your walks and to get your dog to instantly recall. 

The Pocket Magnet is perfect for you if…

✔️ your dog has a strong prey drive

✔️ you want a motivational tuggy you can easily take on walks

✔️ you want to eradicate distractions and nail recall

The Clam

The Clam is paws down our most popular toy of all time. Originally, we created it as a way for owners to drive forward their dogs on the agility course. Since then, it’s soared in popularity as the ultimate training toy for food-motivated dogs.

Its clever design means you can hide yummy treats within the two ‘shells’ that your dog is able to open themselves by using their snout. This means The Clam can be thrown to reward your dog instantly, even from a distance.

The Clam is one of our most versatile toys and owners of foodie dogs use it for everything from enrichment games at home to teaching a retrieve. Check out some ideas on how to use The Clam here

We should also say that The Clam is not intended as a food puzzle. It’s supposed to be easy for dogs to help themselves to the treats inside, so that they are rewarded instantly (and don’t have to wait for you to catch up!). 

The Clam is perfect for you if…

✔️ your dog’s mostly motivated by food

✔️ you want a super fun, versatile toy that can also be used to boost enrichment

✔️ you’d like a non-tug motivational toy that’s also an instant reward

WondaBunny Bungee

The scent and texture of the real rabbit skin in our WondaBunny is a seriously powerful motivator that tempts even the most reluctant dogs into play.

The bite area is generous as well as being irresistibly soft. It’s attached to a padded bungee handle that is made with two strands of bungee cord (so playing tug is safe for you and your dog). The handle is available in a bright range of colours - with each featuring flecks of blue (the colour dogs tend to see best).

The WondaBunny is an impressive motivational training toy that can help you get dramatic results. 

Just so you know, all the rabbit skin we use is responsibly-sourced from western Europe. It is a by-product from the meat industry that is otherwise thrown away.

The Wondabunny is perfect for you if...

✔️ you want to supercharge your dog’s desire for play

✔️ your dog is a small or medium size breed

✔️ you want a tuggy with a comfy, bungee handle to protect as you play

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