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4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy and Active

There are tons of benefits that come with keeping your dog active…

It provides mental stimulation, it helps keep obesity at bay, it lowers blood pressure, strengthens bones and can even improve behaviour. 

But perhaps most importantly of all, it boosts mood and wellbeing.

All in all, there’s no doubt that active dogs are happy dogs

To help you keep your dog active and happy, here are four easy ideas to try: 

Praise your dog's good behaviour

Encouraging and rewarding good behaviour from your dog is a wonderful way to keep your dog happy. Rewarding your dog's good choices is the number way to boost the chances of your dog repeating them – plus it'll draw your attention to all the great things your dog naturally does! 

We're big advocates for positive reinforcement training here at Tug-E-Nuff, not only does it feel good, but it's incredibly effective. It's not as fluffy as it sounds, in fact, positive reinforcement is scientifically proven to help dogs learn. 

Speaking positively to your dog can have a huge influence on how your dog feels.

Read more about why what you say to your dog, and how you say it makes a big impact. 

Harness the power of interactive play

Most dogs get at least a daily walk - but many dog owners still wonder if their dog is getting the right amount and type of exercise for their specific dog’s needs. 

A happy dog is a dog who's well exercised both mentally and physically. If your dog shows signs of boredom, such as destructive behaviour, attention seeking or overexcitement, then incorporating more interactive play is a winning solution. 

Just a few minutes of interactive play each day can give your dog the happiness-inducing benefits of mental and physical stimulation, whilst boosting your bond. 

Take our Play Pawsonality quiz to discover what makes your dog tick (and grab your free personalised play plan). 


Offer enriching activities

Offering activities that enrich your dog’s life are a brilliant idea if you want to keep your dog active and happy. The trouble is, thinking up enriching activities can be a struggle. 

The Brain Games & Enrichment Card Deck from Calm Dog Games solves this problem. The cards are created to help you develop calmness, confidence and connection with your dog in a quick, easy and stress-free format. 

Each deck contains 52 activity cards, split into 5 categories (calm, bond, focus, play & puzzle).  They provide mental stimulation to satisfy your dog’s cognitive wellbeing and enrichment to relieve stress and boost wellbeing. 

Never struggle to think of an enriching activity to keep your dog active and happy again!

Play tug

OK, so this might not come as a big surprise from us here at Tug-E-Nuff, but we know playing tug is a fantastic way to keep your dog active and happy.

Just a couple of minutes of intense, interactive play with your dog, using a strong, best quality dog toy, is hugely enriching and stimulating. 

It’s also a brilliant way to boost the bond you share with your best friend - and a good bond is the foundation of successful training and a happy, harmonious life together.  



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