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3 Ways To Use A Dog Chaser Toy

The Tug-E-Nuff Chaser toy range has been a firm favourite with our customers for 10 years. 

So much so, we now make five varieties of this Tug-E-Nuff classic. 

Every dog is different. Some love the soft fluffy bite area of the Sheepskin Chaser. Some seem to prefer the durable texture of the Faux Fur Chaser. And others go wild for the Rabbit Skin Chaser, especially the one with squeaker built in

But what ways are there to play with a chaser? Here are three ideas…

1. Run and drag

This has gotta be our favourite way to play with a Chaser toy - and it couldn’t be more simple. Drag it along the floor - and run! When your dog catches up with you, engage with them in an enthusiastic game of tug. 

Dog chasing sheepskin chaser | How to teach a recall

If your dog doesn’t give chase straight away, don’t worry. Try playing with your dog and your Chaser in an environment with little or no distraction. Wiggle the toy on the floor using a variation of speed that mimics prey; slow, fast, slow. Once the toy takes on a prized status as a high value reward, you can guarantee they’ll chase you for it!

Don’t worry, chasing a Chaser shouldn’t encourage your dog to chase things they shouldn’t. In fact, playing with a Chaser is a fantastic way to satisfy the chase drive inherent in many breeds. See more about why a real fur tuggy won't encourage your dog to chase animals here. 

2. Tempt shy and nervous dogs to play. 

Dogs who struggle with confidence, especially some rescue and reactive dogs, can benefit hugely from playing with a Chaser. That’s because the length of the super tough handle (made with cushioned webbing) gives them the space they need to relax and fully-engage with play. 

Dog Chasing Sheepskin Chaser | How to teach a recall

It’s a wonderful feeling to see a shy or nervous dog get stuck into a rewarding game of tug with a Chaser, and it’s a proven way to boost the all important bond you share

3. Encourage positive play with children

Just like with grown ups, interactive play between children and dogs is a great way to create a strong bond built on trust. Allowing your children, with supervision, to play with your dog using a chaser is a great way to achieve this. The length of all our Chasers means there is plenty of distance between your child and the bite area of the toy. 

Children also enjoy playing ‘run and drag’ with a Chaser (and often have more energy for it too!). It’s always important to remind children to use ‘gentle hands’ when interacting with dogs - and for dogs to use gentle mouths. 

Browse our full range of chaser toys and get started!

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