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3 Reasons You Need The Wondabaa Bungee In Your Life

Yes, it has a totally brilliant name. But what else is so special about the Wondabaa Bungee

Before we launched this product in 2019, we KNEW it would be a huge hit - but we couldn’t have predicted just  how popular it would prove to be. 

The Wondabaa is a winner because it ticks every box for every breed. Here are just three reasons you need one in your life…

1. It gives you recall superpowers

The secret to a bulletproof recall is making yourself more interesting than your dog’s favourite distractions - whether that includes a squirrel, next door’s cat or another dog. Trouble is, that’s easier said than done - unless you have the Wondabaa Bungee up your sleeve. 

The Wondabaa is a brilliant follow on toy if you’ve already made recall progress by starting out using a Tug-E-Nuff Chaser. If you’re ready to mix things up when practising recall, give the Wondabaa a try (as always, you’ll be covered by our Tug It and Love It Guarantee). 

2. It’s got an organic, irresistible bite area

We use black, responsibly sourced, British sheepskin to make the large bite area. There’s something simply magical about the scent and texture of the real sheepskin that provides enriching stimulation your dog will never tire of.

Whatever breed you own, they will go wild for the chance to sink their teeth into the soft, fluffy fur as the ultimate reward as part of your positive reinforcement training. 

Playing with sheepskin toys like the Wondabaa is also a proven, positive way to satisfy chase instinct and prey drive, and you needn’t worry about it encouraging chasing of *real* sheep (see here for why). 

3. Strong tugger? No problem

The Wondabaa Bungee stands up to hours of play with even the most enthusiastic and strongest tuggers. That’s because we make each one with a foam-padded bungee handle using two strands of strong, stretchy bungee cord.

This stretch is the secret to ensuring your games of tug with your dog are comfortable, reducing the risk of strain or injury. Plus, the Wondabaa features our own Tug-E-Nuff webbing in a choice of three vibrant colours (each including flecks of blue - the colour dogs see best). 

The benefits of playing tug are well known - the Wondaabaa Bungee helps you maximise all of them, and have loads of fun while you’re at it. 

With a Wondaabaa Bungee on your side, your dog’s motivation will sky rocket and you can reap the rewards. 



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