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3 Reasons The Big Twizzler is the ULTIMATE tug toy

When we created a prototype of the Big Twizzler for Crufts 2019, we were blown away by the response.

We sold out before the end of the show, with lots of requests for us to make more.

It was clear that we simply had to make the Big Twizzler a permanent member of the Tug-E-Nuff toy family - so we did!

These super long, super fluffy creations are now so popular that one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with demand.

But why are they such a hit with dogs of all breeds and backgrounds? 

There are lots of reasons - but here are three for starters…

Bigger is better

The number one reason customers love the Big Twizzler is because it’s BIG. In fact, it’s the biggest tug toy we make. With an enticing, two-foot-long bite area, it’s no surprise the Big Twizzler is the ultimate high value reward for every dog (from terriers to great danes). 

And that’s not all. The Big Twizzler has our signature bungee handle, made with climbing grade webbing and two strands of super-strong bungee cord, for comfortable, bond-boosting play.

Including the handle, the Big Twizzler is more than a metre long (104cm approx). That makes it brilliant for using as a chaser and for playing from a distance. 

Lots of the 50+ five-star reviewers specifically talk about their dog’s incredible drive for this toy above all others, and the amazing results it’s helped them achieve - whether in the agility ring, on a flyball course or for trick and obedience training at home. Check out the reviews for yourself. 

Durability you can count on

At Tug-E-Nuff, we stand out from the crowd because most of our range is hand-made with care by our skilled team in our Devon workshop. The Big Twizzler is no exception. 

Our workshop team tightly braid two thick lengths of fleece with one super-fluffy strand of faux fur to make one super durable tug toy, that will stand up to hours of supervised, interactive play with even the biggest, most enthusiastic tuggers. 

We know when you’re investing in training toys for your dog, you want something that will capture your dog’s attention and stand the test of time. The Big Twizzler delivers (and it’s covered by our 45 day Tug It + Love It guarantee, which means if you aren’t happy for any reason we will replace or exchange your toy - even if it’s been slobbered on!)

Ultimate Fun Factor

The secret ingredient that turns average playtime into magical playtime that boosts bond, positively impacts behaviour and gets results is FUN - and the Big Twizzler guarantees it. 

From the bright choice of colours to the unique, irresistible texture, there’s nothing quite like the Big Twizzler if you want to grab your dog’s attention and channel it into rewarding, positive play. 

Our human customers tend to have as much fun with the Big Twizzler as their canine companions - so just don’t blame us when you’re hooked! 


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